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  • Prof. Maria Julia Nunez Linares

Thinking about pedagogy and the Suzuki method

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

It is obvious that when we hear the word "Japanese" things like Sushi, chopsticks or martial arts come to mind, and some of this is what the Suzuki method is all about.

As in martial arts, the learning of music is based on patience, repetitions, and doing it all over again and also starting at a very early age. All this supports the child in everything he needs in his learning process.

The Suzuki method has been successful for more than 50 years since children will learn the musical language as they would learn any other language at their ages.

It has three strong points that are fundamental for the student's development: The parents, the child and the teacher.

The objective of our teachers at CZamplin is to create and/or strengthen the passion for music and art in general in a didactic and fun way (because we cannot forget that they are children) and whatever instrument they play, it is important for us that they obtain a theoretical-cultural base that will be useful for future study projects in professional conservatories.

When a child learns music, this process will also bring them benefits such as security, confidence, concentration, memory, creativity, advancement in language, attention, behavior or spatial intelligence which is nothing more than the ability to perceive the world in detail and create figurative images of objects. This process that happens in the brain is very important for everyday thoughts, solving math problems or even wrapping your own daily snacks. Therefore music has a strong influence on the plasticity of the brain making it possible to improve its overall cognitive performance.

And what would be the role of parents? In fact, I have left this to conclude my article because I considered that this is the root, the basis for the growth of a child, this is where the ante-education or primary education is reflected because it is the one that comes from home, habits and customs that the family transmits, leaving then the education sector as one of the most vulnerable. However, for a child to be a good student, there must be a close relationship with learning to be a person, and in this formation of the person, it is the parents who have this task and should not be unconcerned about it.

To conclude, we can categorically prove that by learning music, in the long run we obtain great results that will accompany us for the rest of our lives. Prof.Maria Julia Nunez Linares

Master Degree in Music

Piano, Voice and Music Theory Professor

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