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Music School

CZamplin is a home-based music school with a conservatory level in the teaching of musical instruments, theory, and singing. We believe that the family environment is the best space to create and develop all skills, especially in music.
Founded by Carlos Zamplin, (Carlos Diaz) Cuban musician who after a successful career, a Grammy nomination in 1995, and many tours around the world, settled in the United States in 2011 with the mission of creating a space for young and future music players. Many of CZamplin students are now on the path of a musical career and are part of the International Honor Society of Music and Colleges.

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Czamplin is committed to expanding musical education along with the creation and sponsorship of events, involving young talent, and taking them to the next level. Along with the opportunity for our more than 200 students to benefit from the many advantages of learning a musical instrument. Among those benefits are, improve eye-hand coordination, concentration, memory, improve academic achievement, communication skills, self-confidence, and teamwork

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